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Wedding Trolley Basics
By Dan Clark, President of Muscatine Trolley & Tours

Want to transport everybody together, attracting happy looks along the way? Think trolley!

You cannot book your trolley too early if your wedding is on Saturday. (Whose isn't?) The first thing I'll ask is your date (and times if you know), and I hate saying no to a bride who asked too late.

I charge by the hour (one-hour minimum, currently $150) , and you are welcome to go anywhere or stop for photos or toasts or whatever. The clock starts whenever you say I should be ready to go. After the first hour, I charge in 15-minute increments. [NOTE: 2007 Saturday price is $200 per hour; see Prices.]

Outside Muscatine I add a delivery charge at approximately half the charter rate. The trolley cruises 35 mph, and I deliver throughout the Quad Cities for $150. If it turns out the same trip can serve both you and some other party, I'll gladly split this charge.

Whether or not you want our inside decorations (currently $65), we provide exterior signs at no extra charge: "Congratulations & Best Wishes!" on the curb side and "Just Married" on the rear. If you wish, I also put your first names on a front sign.

The perimeter benches seat 20 adults comfortably. We've squeezed in more, and some riders like to stand anyway, as they may. The trolley has a wheelchair lift, usually covered, and I like to know in advance if you'll want it.

Smoking is forbidden, but you may eat and drink on the trolley, and legal-age riders may drink alcohol. I reserve the right to charge extra for cleanup; however, I've rarely had trouble with a wedding party.

We can play the radio or your cassette recordings (but not CDs), and you may use my microphone and speaker.

E-mail works well for most brides, and our exchange constitutes a letter of agreement, so I don't need any other contract unless you do. I answer e-mail and return calls as quickly and thoroughly as I can. When I've answered to your satisfaction, you may complete your reservation by sending a $100 deposit which locks in your date and time and is down payment on your final bill.

Rider safety and pleasure are my top concerns. We've done this for three years and have state and federal motor-carrier certificates and carry the required $5 million liability coverage. (Anytime you think a bus or limo sounds expensive, ask its insurance premiums.)

What else? I enjoy pleasing wedding parties!


Written for the Newsletter. Note that one of the illustration photos seems to show the trolley entry door on the street side rather than the curb side - artistic license! CLICK HERE to see the same photo unaltered.

© Daniel G. Clark, 2005
Updated May 11, 2007