Advertising Signs

Spring 2004

"Want your message seen in Muscatine? Put it on the trolley!"

Each side has a different sign configuration, allowing you several choices:

The REAR location is the smallest (as well as the one that needs the most cleaning!) but is probably the most visible overall.

The CURB side's single sign is a great choice - the largest as well as the easiest to see when the trolley is passing by or parked.

The STREET side might be least visible, but its two signs are a good value, too, and may be rented separately @ $125.

Each of the three sides is priced at $250 per month. You receive a 10 percent discount for the second and others whenever you order two or more months at once.

For example, one month is $250; the second and any additional months are $225 plus your one-time cost of materials and production. You may skip months and change signs at no extra rental charge (i.e., at the $225 rate) as long as we agree on the schedule at the outset.

Pay month by month, or take an additional 5 percent off the total when you pay the entire order in full in advance!

Your final cost is monthly rental in addition to whatever it costs to make your sign(s).

The trolley's top speed is 35-40 mph, so no extraordinary protection is necessary for flat signs. You may use banners (fabric, oilcloth, vinyl) if you wish, but let's discuss what you have in mind before you go to any expense. Flat signs on rigid material are a lot less trouble, rarely suffering from the turbulence that can stretch and rip banners even at in-town speeds.

Dustin Collison, our main sign-maker, has moved his Colligraphic Ink operation to Davenport but still takes Muscatine orders and makes deliveries. You are also welcome to use other makers as long as we are both satisfied with the quality of the materials and work.

Here are the three standard sizes, with Dustin's estimated cost of production:

Note that advertising signs may come off or get covered for weddings. Also, we might ask to broker a negotiation, case by case, between the monthly advertiser and the occasional request for a one-time sign, e.g., for a parade.

Although we do not guarantee a certain number of hours of visibility, we can predict in advance for any particular month. This summer is our busiest season yet. In the current schedule, most weeks include 7-9 hours of "free ride" routes (downtown/riverfront on Wednesdays and around town on Fridays). Also, on most Sundays we run a 1:00-4:00 p.m. shuttle every half hour between Pearl City Station and the Lock & Dam.

Let's get started!

Call 563-264-5990 or 800-241-5990 toll-free
or 506-506-0900
(Dan's cell phone - no area code needed in Muscatine)

Or send e-mail to

1221 Mulberry Avenue, Muscatine, Iowa 52761 USA


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Posted June 10, 2004